First Class Education System

As a member of the Hulbert School Board, Matt has first-hand experience in working with administrators, parents, students, and teachers to educate our children. He knows that the leadership at the State Capitol have put our public schools in a crisis and he will go the the Legislature to fight for a first class education system for the children in Cherokee County. Matt believes we need to raise teacher pay, put more dollars in the classroom, stop passing unfunded mandates on school districts, and fight against rural school consolidation.

Increased Investment in our Infrastructure

Our roads and bridges are crumbling around us and leaders in Oklahoma City are continually cutting funding to repair our infrastructure. Matt knows that we need to invest in building stronger roads and bridges to keep our families safe. He will work with local and state leaders to ensure that the resources are available to strengthen our infrastructure.

Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare

As an insurance agent, Matt has been helping Cherokee County families gain access to quality healthcare for over a decade. He believes that all Oklahomans in rural Oklahoma deserve access to affordable health care that will keep our families strong and healthy. He knows we need to take steps to accept the Federal matching dollars that are owed to us that will expand health care access to thousands of Oklahomans.

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